Saturday, 20 January 2018

Kentucky Lawyer Grover Arnett Has the Perspective You Need

Grover Arnett
Before he established himself as an attorney when he passed the bar in 1989 and established the Grover Arnett Law Firm in Saylersville, Kentucky in 1991, Grover Arnett was already a busy man, getting the education he figured he needed. He started by earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Alice Lloyd College in 1985 and going on to earn his Juris Doctor law degree from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law. at Northern Kentucky University. He passed the Kentucky State Bar Exam and officially became an attorney in 1989 and formed his own firm two years later.

Since those days, nearly three decades ago, Grover Arnett has developed into an attorney with a strong reputation. In part, this is because he spent a lot of time on both sides of cases as Magoffin County Attorney for five years. He compiled an enviable record, with a 95 percent DUI conviction rate and helping to engineer what was the largest drug conviction in the county's history.